"A" Certification Package
"A" Certification Package
This package includes all of the online courses needed from USA Baseball Sport Development's site to complete the "A" Certification.

Upon checking out with this package, you will need to complete each course, then go into your "my profile" click the "View Certifications" button.

Inside View Certifications, click on "A" and scroll to the bottom to find the "Code of Conduct." Read the code of conduct and agree to it.

Completing the online courses in this package and the code of conduct will complete your "A" Certification. Listed below are all of the requirements for "A" Certification:

1.) Complete courses:
-The Confident Baseball Coach Course
-Abuse Awareness for Adults Course
-Introduction to Pitch Smart Course
-Basic First Aid Course

2.) Agree to “A” Certification Code of Conduct

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