Certification is an important indicator of your commitment and excellence in a sport.  It can set you apart from your peers and demonstrates that you have the same dedication to growth within the game that we so frequently ask of our athletes.

Utilizing USA Baseball’s educational content and achieving a certification keeps you current with what is happening in the modern game of baseball.  It’s great for overall professional growth.  Whether you coach a recreational youth team or one of our National Teams, we have education for you and a certification to go along with it.  All great leaders in the game are also lifelong learners, always looking for new things to implement within their programs.  We can never learn or achieve too much. 

We are pleased to offer to Coach and Umpire Certification pathways to help you on your journey in our national pastime.

To become certified, follow these steps:

  1. Once you create your account, go to your user dashboard and click the “Certifications” tab.
  2. From there, you can look at your current course work progress.
  3. Click the “view certifications” link at the top of the tab.
  4. This will take you to the Certifications section and you can view all available programs.
  5. Click on the certification pathway you would like to complete and follow the steps listed.
  6. For the code of conduct on each certification pathway, you will need to click into the pathway, and scroll to the bottom.
  7. Then click the “Code of Conduct,” read the agreement and if you agree, click agree.This completes the code of conduct.
  8. Once you have completed all requirements and the Code of Conduct for a pathway, the pathway will show as 100% completed.