High School Baseball Manual

This high school baseball program manual has been developed to support the thousands of dedicated high school coaches around the country, in their quest to provide a positive, development based experience to their student-athletes. From high school programs with long-standing traditions of on-field excellence, to start up schools looking to get a foot hold in their states, this manual provides the framework for success that at all times puts the interests of the players at the forefront. While some sections of this manual may be more relevant to some coaches than others, taken as a whole, the information herein should serve as a blueprint for building a productive environment for the student-athlete, and a call to action for coaches everywhere to work towards the optimization of the high school baseball experience. Some key concepts that this manual covers include:

  • The importance of underscoring the academic goals of the school
  • How to develop practice plans that enable maximum engagement, movement and physical activity
  • The benefits of supporting your players’ participation in multiple sports
  • Managing relationships within your program, including conflict resolution techniques
  • Developing a positive culture that transcends the student-athlete experience through baseball
  • Your program’s role as a positive contributor within the local community
  • Best practices concerning health and safety, and 
  • Keeping it fun!