Umpire Certification

The USA Baseball Umpire Certification program is designed to enhance umpire education and training with a focus on understanding the basic skills required to umpire a game and provides tips on conflict resolution. The program aims to create a higher standard of umpire education and enhance the ability of umpires to better serve athletes, their leagues, and the broader baseball community. 

The “Introduction to Umpiring” course aims to educate umpires on topics such as how to identify pitching fatigue, recognizing and reducing misconduct, professionalism, communicating effectively, and basic mechanics used during competition. 

This certification pathway consists of three items. It requires successful completion of the “Introduction to Umpiring” course, the Abuse Awareness course for adults, and acknowledgement of the umpire’s code of conduct. Upon successful completion of these three items, umpires will receive their “U” certification.

This program is for all members of the baseball umpire community, regardless of age, level, or experience. With the launch of the certification, USA Baseball hopes to proliferate a culture of continued development amongst umpires of our great game. 

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