A list of stretches to increase flexibility

Flexibility is key in reducing injuries. The exercises provided can be performed to increase flexibility and prepare the body for play. No equipment is required. Each stretch should be held for a count of 10 before moving to the next stretch.

Arm Circles 1

Arm Circles 2

Arm Swings 1

Arm Swings 2

Reverse Arm Circles 1

Reverse Arm Circles 2

Triceps 1

Triceps 2

Trunk Rotations 1

Trunk Rotations 2

Wrist Extension Stretch

Wrist Flexion Stretch

Calf Stretch

Crossover Hamstring

Figure 4


Hip Flexor

Laying Knee to Chest

Leg Across

Leg Across Stretch

Seated Knee to Chest

Seated Straddle 1

Seated Straddle 2

Seated Straddle 3

Seated Trunk Twist

Side Laying Quad

Squat Groin

Straddle Stretch 1

Straddle Stretch 2

Straddle Stretch 3